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We are a biomedical and biotechnology lab working to remove the barriers in the way of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug discovery.

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We are working to develop functional tissues, highly engineered scaffolds and platforms for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, for example, to test new drugs or to grow tissues for regenerative medicine.

Our Services

Highly Engineered GelMA 3D Biocompatible Scaffolds

Whether you want to grow tissues or to test drugs on them, our cutting-edge tissue modeling platforms are the perfect choice!

Beating Human Heart Cardiomyocytes on chips

You want to generate different cell types from stem cells and work on them?

We can generate your desired adult cell types on a dish or on chips for your experiments!

Nanoparticles for Drug delivery

You want to deliver your drugs efficiently to the target cells?

Then, you can try our highly efficient Nanoparticles for drug delivery!

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